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only full organic spa and salon. Mani-tini's are done at our bamboo bar, pedi-tini's are performed around a teak root table. Organic color and processing is offered in our Hair Lounge and Massages, Facials and organic waxing are done in our Indonesian Treatment Area. The Indonesian Treatment Area can accommodate couples, singles and groups. Complimentary organic iced tea, hot tea, beer or wine with...

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    Massage, Waxing, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Cut, Hair Color, Bridal Services, Tea Bar
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Sanibel Hair Salon | Massage, Waxing, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Cut, Hair Color

It can be difficult to find the time do get everything done that one might wish to accomplish in a day. People rush about here and there, seldom stopping to smell the roses, until they find themselves worn out, stressed out and neglectful of those personal touches that make them look and feel better. Each day, the environment impacts the hair, skin and one’s general feeling of well-being. Without even knowing it, people are often exposed to toxic chemicals such as petroleum products that are secretly added to soaps, hair products, and many other things that people use each day. These products contain the same ingredients that can be found in plastics or auto fuel and even jet fuel! The Sanibel Hair Salon gently invites anyone who needs a luxurious, relaxing beauty experience to join them. The time has come to put aside stress and to focus on well-being and feeling beautiful. Relaxing in an organic spa and hair salon means that the stresses of everyday life are simply melted away.


The gentle, organic products that are used at Sanibel Hair Salon contain no harmful chemicals. The expertly trained staff feels passionate about creating the ultimate embellishment of one’s beauty and relaxation experience. Each client receives an all-natural enhancement and a regeneration of the spirit and personal appearance. The staff strives to create a memorable beautifying journey that always exceeds the expectations of their clients. Sanibel Hair Salon helps clients live their lives more beautifully. The enthusiasm that the Sanibel Hair Salon has for making an oasis for hair, body, mind and soul is one that is grounded in the belief that everyone deserves to be stress free and to feel beautiful. They continually do their best to provide each client with the best possible salon services.